Hilfe Direkt

Witten, Germany


Ever since the year 2000 a group of friends, connected to Anthroposophy and the Christian Community, have made themselves available to care for those people in the city of Witten who have lost their footing in the world or have fallen between the cracks of different help organizations. These can be new

immigrants, who haven’t mastered yet the German language, those who don’t know how to read and write, asylum seekers, homeless people, those addicted to chemical substances or people suffering from post traumatic stress. The friends of Hilfe Direkt approach these people in the street or in shelters for

the homeless and accompany them over longer periods till these people have found a new connection to life and society.


Ute Kiczka, the initiator of this social project, describes in her Annual Report from 2010 how her group of four has been able to offer a new orientation to some thirty people who were caught up in desperate

circumstances. They may offer practical help in terms of food and clothing, but the long lasting positive effects come from courses they offer in the shelter for the homeless, which range nutrition, engaging themselves in discussion groups, crafts and aerobics, even Eurythmy. But more than anything else, it is

the personal commitment which helps the people in need to accept their help. They feel that those wanting to help them, are ready to walk the path of suffering and hardship with them, in order to find together a way out of their lives' dilemma.


Hilfe Direkt has built up a circle of friends, not directly involved in the work on the ground, but ready to support the work financially. Two more people have joined the group of four in the year 2011. They live by the motto of Joseph Beuys: Christ’s strength, the principle of evolution, can now arise out of Man, for the old evolution is finished. That is the cause of the crisis.


Ute Kiczka and her husband Harald hope that by connecting themselves to the impulse of the Anthroposophical World Social Forum many more people will hear about their work and will feel called to do similar work, not just in poverty stricken parts of the world, but also in the cities of the western world.


Webiste: www.hilfedirekt.beep.de

E-mail: kiczka@freenet.de

Address: Am Busche 105, 58455 Witten, Germany

Tel. +49 2302 23283



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